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Men's Suits A former faux pas is now in fashion Contains: The 3 Day Suit Broker Experience: Please enter a price range to use this feature. Vests are a surprisingly hard garment to fit properly — cautious tailors will often insist on making at least a shirt and a jacket for a man to familiarize themselves with his measurements and proportions before tackling a waistcoat. The count affects the durability and softness and gives your suit asubtle brilliance.

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece 3 Piece Suit Size 43R Pants 36x30 Blue L This item comes from a consignment shop andhas been described in the “condition” section as accurately as possible. if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase we do allow a day return policy.
3 Piece Suits. Complete your working wardrobe with a classic 3 piece suit. Using only the finest wool, our bespoke tailoring will ensure you not only look your best, but feel your best too.
Three Piece Suits Few things in life feel so luxuriously formal as a three piece suit. For top-to-toe tailored perfection, each three-piece suit in our collection has been crafted from the finest fabrics with exacting attention to detail.
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3 Day Suit Broker is a family owned and operated business and has been in the men's clothing industry in southern California since In , our family opened up the very first 3 Day Suit Broker/ Yelp reviews.
Fitting the Three-Piece Suit

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Reiner Calmund – Big Man in Three Piece Suit. On top of that, these RTW suits often have a lot of shoulder padding, which makes the wearer look like an American football player rather than a well-dressed individual. BIG and Tall Men's Clothing & Suit Style Tips For Shorter, Chubby Guys.

Vests are a surprisingly hard garment to fit properly — cautious tailors will often insist on making at least a shirt and a jacket for a man to familiarize themselves with his measurements and proportions before tackling a waistcoat. A well-made waistcoat will be tailored with the assumption that it will sometimes be the outermost garment, meaning that the fit needs to be appropriate even at points that are usually hidden beneath the jacket.

Nearly every point on a vest has relevant benchmarks for fit. At the bottom, the vest should be long enough to completely cover the waistband of the pants. Any visible shirt around the waist will destroy the top-to-bottom sweep of the suit fabric. Too long of a vest starts to look absurd, so the trousers on a good three piece suit will be fitted high, around the natural waist, and should ideally be worn with suspenders.

A belt may cause bulging in the waistcoat fabric and will be completely hidden, rendering it unnecessary. A good waistcoat should be fitted; that is, it should have a distinct waist. Most will be somewhat adjustable by means of a strap in the back.

The formality of a three piece suit is such that it requires a necktie. Since only a few inches of the tie are visible, the knot should be tied with extra care. Particularly bulky ties knits especially may create a bulge under the front of the vest, and should be avoided.

The end of the tie should not stick out from under the bottom of the waistcoat. If a tie is a good match but a touch too long, it can always be tucked into the trousers. It is possible to wear a vested suit with a waistcoat that does not match the jacket and trousers.

This is even less common than the usual matched approach and does bring the formality of the outfit down somewhat, but it can make for a very elegant appearance if the colors are chosen carefully.

Most suits with contrasting waistcoats are usually done in soft tones to avoid becoming too garish. Dark green vests pair well with brown suits, or brown vests can be worn with navy jackets, and so on. So long as the colors are distinct enough to contrast but not so bright as to seem overstated an unmatched waistcoat is acceptable and even attractive though still less formal than matched.

In an odd footnote to fashion, most waistcoats are designed with the understanding that the bottom button will be left undone. Most models on Indochino's website actually wear an even shorter jacket, but it does not look good from every angle and it's definitely not the best choice for every type of body shape.

There is a jacket, trouser and a waistcoat or vest. The general consensus is to keep the bottom button undone just like with a suit. As for the length, the vest should just cover your belt when standing upright.

Furthermore, the vest should not be too loose around the torso, there is a strap that you can use to further adjust the fit if necessary. As for accessories, one specific item often used with three piece suits is a pocket watch. The original three piece suit was for lords, royals and special occasions but the modern 3 piece suits of course don't have these limitations. Depending on your personality and work environment 3 piece suits can be great for dressing up and down, layering and can be used for a variety of occasions.

Just as with any other suit, the versatility is also determined by the fabric and colour used for your 3 piece suit.

Woolen suits are also not uncommon, particularly in cold weathers. Tweeds, cashmere and other natural fabrics are very popular and Indochino usually has a great selection available, depending on the season. Gray, charcoal and navy 3 piece suits along with variants of these hues can be worn to any place and for any purpose. Black 3 piece suits are best for specific occasions and evenings and as with black suits general, a rather controversial topic - read more about black suits here.

Wearing a three piece suit is not an easy task. Unlike in the old days, three piece suits for men are not mandatory business attire anymore. We used to see high power attorneys and CEOs donning 3-piece suits as their go-to outfit.

But now, two piece suits are a lot more common attire for both business and when you want to dress up. But that doesn't mean you should just ignore your inner voice telling you to start wearing one.

Only thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are thinking about putting on a three piece suit and stroll into your corporate office, you really should hold off on that thought. Unless, of course, if you are the CEO of your company, or some hotshot lawyer.

Now if you still feel like wearing a three piece suit, there are a few things you will need to consider before putting on one. A three piece suit itself draws a lot of attention. It announces itself loud and clear. So you really should pair that with a relatively subdued combo of shirt and tie. If you are still new to this look, forget about accenting your outfit with a unique tie or pocket square.

Stick to the basics and minimalistic looks until you get the hang of it. If you are going to dress up for a fun night out in town, then you should consider wearing a different color vest from our jacket and trousers.

Remember Justin Timberlake in Victoria's Secret fashion show in ? It is not difficult to pull off this look. For starters, you can pair ash grey or any other shades of grey vest with black suits, or vice versa. If you don't feel like dressing up all the way, you can ditch the jacket and just wear your vest with trouser over a shirt. Heck, you can even just wear the vest with simple plain v-neck tee and jeans for a casual yet structured look.

Indochino offers a number of customisation options for 3-piece suits. As for what you choose depends very much on what you feel comfortable with and what you need the suit for. I personally go for 2 vents and notch lapels, 2 buttons and a ticket pocket for my "standard" suit.

On the vests, there are quite a few things to consider as well. First of all, very often vests are lined in the back, so you have the suit fabric in the front and whatever lining you chose on your back. I personally don't really like that style, so I chose to go with a fabric back.

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