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Be inspired by this forward-thinking collection of knitwear for women. Whatever the weather, flick through everything from slouchy oversized capes and cable knit sweaters right through to smart knitted cardies and lightweight jumpers, perfect for formal occasions or the office.

Try it on with mini black skirt and classic trainers: We see lady wearing brimmed hat, turtleneck scarf and cream-beige oversized knitwear:. Fitted shirts and tops highlight the narrow waist. During this era, in , the miniskirt was developed.

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While in this era, clothing became split along lines of age, there were overriding oversized trends including: midi skirts, Dolman sleeves, loose jackets and shapeless frocks. Another factor contributing to the trends of this period was the “post-industrial boom” that helped to .
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Build your wardrobe from the top down with Chadwicks of Boston’s classic styles of women’s tops & sweaters. With modern twists, our favorites include cozy sweaters, knit tops, tunics, career-friendly button-downs and casual T-shirts.

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Email or call us with any questions about sizing. Add to Bag Send a Hint. Overview Overview This sweater is unexpectedly essential and quintessentially Cuyana. Updated with a new modern fit. Layered or on its own, this signature piece pairs perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans or leggings for an effortlessly elegant, impeccably finished look.

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Your credit or refund will be applied within business days upon receipt of your item s. At any point, you may check the status of your return online in your order history. The fashions of the s were stylish and elegant, with flowing lines and Paris-based coutures. Since many women could not afford to update their wardrobes, women changed their look by resorting to alterations to exemplify the oversized fashion of the s. This inventive way to put together new articles of clothing gave birth to the "Feedsack Dress"; constructed from the material of a sack of animal feed, these frocks were typically cut similarly to shift dresses.

This A-line cuts were boxy and contrasted the slinky and sensual bias -cut dresses that became famous during the same era for their ability to cover the woman's body while clinging to each curve. Furthermore, material was added to collars and sleeves. Another trend rising from the s was the "Banjo Sleeve", created by sewing two rectangular pieces of fabric with the top seam only sewn halfway to allow the arm to flow out.

The boxy shape was oversized and blousy. As the era progressed, skirts that flared out fell to the bottom of the calf and sleeves were loosely tied as they fell from the elbow to wrist. From the harsh economic conditions of the time came about the glamorous s in film , and the glamorous clothing worn seen on the screen grew in popularity.

Dresses constructed from Chiffon fabric were rather loose-fitting as they flew away from the body, [7] and embodied the elegance that was maintained throughout the s despite the economic struggles.

During the first half of the s, many clothing-related commodities were in short supply due to World War II ; the United States Government relinquished numerous products for utilization in warfare. Leather , for example, was much used in the uniforms of American servicemen—so the material, to a large extent, went out of use in mainstream fashion.

Designers such as Cristóbal Balenciaga , Digby Morton, and Norman Hartnell , however, utilized oversized fashion practices in their early s collections to manifest the consequential happenings of the war. Wide-legged slacks and pronounced shoulder pads became all the rage, and most American women embraced the virile style.

S, legislation was passed that restricted yardage in fabric for clothing, under a policy entitled L However, in the U. Designer Claire McCardell , influenced by Parisian design, created the monastic dress, in jersey, featuring a criss-cross string belt at midriff and a draped full skirt.

The post-war era of the s brought a change to the family dynamic as well as to the fashion world. In , Christian Dior launched as the first collection from his fashion house his "Corelle line", [10] which featured oversized designs.

The "Corelle line" became the look of the decade, ushering femininity, luxury and grace into the era, and making a great impacct on the female silhouette. This change implemented by Christian Dior dominated the decade. Clothes transformed from boxy styles, with square shoulders, to feminine and luxurious, with soft shoulder lines, corseted waists, round padded hips, and long skirts, leading to the knee-length "sack" dress. The knee-length skirts and dresses were the most oversized items of this s.

The introduction of new fabrics, including Terylene , Orlon , Banlon , Acrilan and Poplin , allowed for new fashion styles to be both created and introduced. Among these were the "wash-and-wear" sweater, the permanently pleated skirt, and the "drip-dry" skirt. Skirts of this era known as circle skirts were supported by layers of petticoats, creating a circular look that accentuated the waist line.

Essentially, the petticoat reinforced the femininity of this period. The s woman also tended to be influenced by the fashions worn by movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn in her roles in various movies such as Roman Holiday famously wore an oversized skirt that accentuated her waist, together with a tighter shirt. The look of the s reflected the main issue of that time: To achieve this youthful and flirty look, skirts were shortened, creating a look reminiscent of the s.

During this era, in , the miniskirt was developed. An alternative to this exposed look was in high demand, thus leading to the creation of the midi skirt.

This new "midi" mainly featured a pleated A-line bodice, which allowed it to flow away from the body. This oversized fashion began to make its way to the workplace as it provided both femininity and formality. Evening wear was also affected, and both long and short dresses could be seen at engagements.

Designs embraced the oversized look through more elegant silhouettes, specially in evening wear, which boasted loose forms and fluid fabrics. The change in fashion during this period was also due to international influences such as from London and France, where designers were young.

A notable point about this period is that women also began to wear pants-suits and jeans. The materials used for both clothing and accessories changed during this era. Increasingly used were easy-care synthetic fabrics such as Crimplene , Dacron and Terylene. The benefits of such synthetic fabrics were that they were crease-resistant, easy to wash, and required little to no ironing.

Designers such as Cristóbal Balenciaga embraced these new types of materials, using them in oversized dolman-sleeve jackets. The pattern for this piece was cut in a rectangular shape forming a boxy blousy look.

During this period, synthetic yarns that took dyes easily were used. Leather-look plastic also helped to create a vibrant feel to accessories such as shoes, umbrellas and additional clothing items such as mini-skirts. Jackie Kennedy , wife of President John F. Kennedy, became a model of French fashions and helped to spur the spread of the miniskirt, along with Twiggy , who gained iconic status as the face and body of the era wearing the shapeless mod dresses that were a huge trend.

There were many groups, such as political and extremist groups, wanting a piece of the action. This manifested in some ways via the production of oversized fashion. Fashion styles were inspired by previous decades, hinting at both nostalgia and an interest in other cultures.

The current political and economic situation of the United States, including the civil rights, unemployment levels , war and terrorism, were reflected in the manner in which individuals dressed. With regards to high fashion, established fashion houses produced more ready-to-wear collections and casual attire.

With nostalgia a big theme of this period, secondhand clothes were key. Similar to the s, s clothing also influenced this decade, along with fashions of the '30s, '40s and '50s. Television and movies such as The Godfather and Grease also played homage to styles of the past. When not inspired by nostalgia, fashion took another turn whereby "the idea was to appear as if your body had been spray painted".

To achieve this look, leotards were worn and were accessorized with short frilled skirts, cap sleeves and leg-warmers. The unstructured design of the s highlights the oversized fashion of the decade. The beginning of the s was the first time when women assumed high-status roles in the workplace. The three most important designers at the start of this decade, Calvin Klein , Giorgio Armani , and Ralph Lauren , were designing clothing that was characterized by broad and square shoulders.

Clothing became much more oversized to better resemble kimonos and other flowing Japanese garments. Figures both within and outside the fashion world took on this gender-neutral style and made the look ever more popular.

Singer, actress, and model Grace Jones was a key figure in furthering this type of fashion—keeping her hair short and wearing manly, oversized clothing. Scottish singer Annie Lennox did the same, but had much more of an effect in the musical realm. Another essential person who helped further the style of oversized fashion in the s was Princess Diana , who for her wedding to Charles, Prince of Wales in July wore an oversized wedding dress—making the tailor popular all around the world for the remainder of the decade.

The s was one of the most diverse eras for fashion. As the fashion world began to experience technological modernization, along with a widespread support from mainstream consumers, the industry felt the need to appeal to different types of audiences. The influence of hip-hop on urban fashion was overtly strong.

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Oversized Sweaters Nothing says sultry comfort like oversized sweaters. Every woman has a must-have item—that article of clothing that she puts on when she just wants to feel beautiful, comfortable and be her most perfect self. Once summer’s finally gone, start introducing the bulkier pieces like a sweater dress, an oversized sweater, or a turtleneck. With the drop in temperature, you can feel free to experiment with more layers and heavier knit pieces. Sweaters + Cardigans for Women. Cozy up in an oversized sweater from Urban Outfitters’ selection of women’s sweaters and cardigans. Find a new closet staple with our wide selection of chunky knits and button-down cardigan styles. Pair your new find with a basic bodysuit and your favorite jeans.