Tampa Bay Walmarts get thousands of police calls. You paid the bill.

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Number of grocery stores: Retrieved 24 May How are the working hours? Crime rates in Tampa by Year Type Murders 37 41 30 20 25 28 27 20 27 28 23 28 28 34 29 per , Detailed Election Results.

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May 11,  · The heavy load weighs on police in every Tampa Bay county. The Times asked local law enforcement agencies for the three places their officers responded to most in .
Work and jobs in Tampa: detailed stats about occupations, industries, unemployment, workers, commute. Average climate in Tampa, Florida. Based on data reported by over 4, weather stations.
Roof Shingle Granule Health Hazards

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While in our page top photo the roof is "worn out", there are quite a few other conditions that can produce mineral loss on asphalt shingle roofs. Diagnosing the correct cause of granule loss is useful in helping to assess the probable remaining roof life and it may play a role in roof shingle warranty claims or insurance claims related to storm or hail damage.

In this article we define, contrast, and illustrate all types of mineral granule losses that occur on asphalt roofing:. This article also describes: Granule loss on a new asphalt roof , loose mineral granules wash down the roof and will appear in gutters and at the ends of downspouts. You can begin this roof condition assessment at the ground, before even looking at the roof itself. If the roof is reported to be new, the granules shown in our photo are normal and not a worry.

Provided the roofers were careful not to dance the Twist while roofing on a hot day, the roof should be fine. Just take a close look at the shingles themselves for granule loss.

And if you clean out the gutters you'll find it easy to see if this granule loss is continuing. Look in the roof gutters for shingle granules too. Granule loss due to blistering: On at least some roofs we find that these blisters ultimately become the first wear points on the shingle when their upper surface wears away perhaps from foot traffic or weather exposing small round dots of missing granules on the shingle. Granule loss on old asphalt shingle roofs: These shingles have more porosity than those where their mineral granules remain in place and may already be leaking even if leaks are not quite visible in the building interior.

Such a roof is ready for replacement. Granule loss on a roof being walked-on: If there is a lot of roof traffic, such as when work is being done on a chimney, you may see "bald" areas of shingles with lost granules where people have been walking. The older, more brittle roof at left suffered both granule loss and cracked shingle corners after it was walked-on. This is damage caused by workers and is not a product defect. At an arbitration hearing involving a roof dispute we could actually track the footprints and damage across an older roof that had been walked-on and damaged by the very contractor who told the owner she needed a new roof.

Don't walk on fragile roof surfaces. Granule loss on asphalt shingles due to storms, especially hail: The organic felt-based asphalt shingles shown at below left has lost some granules into the roof gutter but an inspection of the shingles themselves showed no significant bald areas.

We had to look closely at those shingles in the upper right of the photo and we decided the wear was probably due to foot traffic as well. The organic-mat asphalt roof shingle shown at right, also showing normal wear, is completely worn out, showing shingle substrate, sun and heat damage, and basically, that the roof needs to be replaced. A shingle like the one shown is usually so fragile that stepping on it breaks it into many small fragments. These shingles above right may already be leaking into the roof substrate, placing water between the shingle and its felt underlayment, between the underlayment and the roof sheathing, or leaks may be entering the roof structure.

Even if there is no visible evidence of leaks in the living area such as stains on top floor ceilings or visible water in the attic this roof is at the end of its life. Wherever and whenever a roof shingle has lost the protection of its mineral granules that shingle has a reduced life expectancy.

In all climates the loss of granules means that area of the roof shingle has lost its protection from sunlight. In freezing climates, shingle wear may accelerate in the area of lost granules as the roof ages and is exposed to freeze thaw cycles. Below left , the picture of bald areas in this laminated asphalt shingle or "architectural shingle" roof show white fiberglass roof shingle substrate.

This same roof also suffered thermal splitting or tearing damage below right. The shingle tearing and splitting shown below on the same roof is also often a product defect referred to as thermal splitting.

The roof shown above was observed on a home in Haddonfield, New Jersey in the U. That the shingles were installed in a ladder pattern has become obvious as sections of these roof shingles have lost more granules than their neighbors.

The loss of the tan colored mineral granules is leaving the black asphalt shingle substrate exposed. Laddering or stair-step installation of shingles is not the best roofing practice and it, too, can contribute to other roof wear or leak problems that we don't see on this roof, but laddering is permitted by roofing installation practice guides.

However because shingles installed in a ladder pattern tend to be grouped in batches of shingles were set on the roof for installation from individual shingle bundles, often the loss of mineral granules not only tell us the shingle installation pattern but also they tell us something about variation in shingle durability or variation in shingle granule loss in individual bundles of shingles that otherwise were probably manufactured in the same production run.

This distinction is significant. If all of the shingles on a roof were produced in the same manufacturing run but if we then see that groups of shingles wear differently even though installed on the same roof slope, exposed thus to the same sun and weather conditions, we can infer that there were variations in condition among the individual bundles of shingles.

Typically three bundles of shingles make up one square sq. A common explanation of this variation in shingle durability by bundle is improper shingle storage such as leaving a pallet of roof shingles exposed to weather for some time before they are used.

Shingles on the top of the pallet become rain-soaked and may suffer damage. The critical place to evaluate the condition of roof shingles is at the edge of or if safe and the roof is not fragile , on the roof itself. Look closely at those shingles - get down on your hands and knees and look closely for early wear signs such as tiny bald spots, pits, cracks, or other damage.

If you can't see obvious bald areas from which the protective granules have been lost from the shingle, it's unlikely that granule loss is a current problem. The photograph at above left shows a modest amount of mineral granule wash-off into the gutter of this home.

If the roof is a new one, this may be a normal amount of granule loss. When the gutter is cleaned out completely, you should not see this same level of mineral granules again soon. If you do, there may be a rapid wear problem going on with the roof, or someone may be dancing on it. The photograph above shows a significant loss of mineral granules into the gutter on this roof.

A look at the scoured surface of the roof shingles and a report by the owner of a recent and significant hail storm suggest that this granule loss may have been due to hail damage. Check the ground surface at the end of the downspouts or roof leaders. If you see lots of mineral granules there the roof is either brand new or badly worn. A check of the roof surface easily distinguishes between these two conditions.

Extensive shingle granule loss alone, sufficient to expose the roof shingle substrate, means that the wear rate on the roof will accelerate. That's because the shingle body is exposed to direct sun and in freezing climates because the exposed shingle substrate begins to absorb water, suffering from the freeze-thaw cycle.

In other words, once the shingle substrate is exposed by mineral granule loss, that area of the shingle will absorb more water than its neighbors. When shingle granule loss is extensive or when it is combined with other roof defects such as tears, cracks, brittle shingles that can't be walked-on for patching, or more than just a very few readily-accessible patchable defects, those will usually form a sound basis for asserting that the roof is already leaking at those cracks even if water has not appeared on finished ceilings inside the home, and they both argue that this roof has no predictable useful remaining life.

Is it dangerous to have wind blowing this around if we breath it in the air when outside our home. Roof shingle mineral granules are pretty heavy and ought not be airborne except in really extreme weather - they are not normally "resipirable" able to be breathed-in - though dust from ground roof debris along with anything else on the ground may be airborne at lower wind velocities.

High levels of airborne dust are a respiratory irritant for almost anyone and will contain unknown materials from soils and just about anything else in the wind path, some of which could be hazardous.

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